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AAPI Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Joeydolls is delighted to present a thoughtfully curated AAPI holiday gift guide, showcasing AAPI-owned small businesses to support this holiday season. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion fuels this initiative, aimed at assisting everyone in making well-informed choices when selecting gifts for their loved ones.

We firmly believe that diversity is not just an option but a necessity, especially in children’s toys. Recognizing the significance of representation, we understand that children derive a sense of value and belonging when they see themselves reflected in the toys they play with.

At Joeydolls, our mission is clear: we aspire for every child to feel great about themselves. We emphasize that celebrating every culture is integral to achieving this goal. True happiness, in our view, is attained when children are comfortable and confident in their own skin.

This AAPI holiday gift guide is our way of offering a delightful and playful representation of Asian culture. Asia’s rich tapestry of traditions and history deserves celebration, and through this guide, we aim to highlight its vibrant diversity. Thank you for considering the importance of this gift guide in promoting meaningful and inclusive gift choices.


Mochi Kids

Explore Mochi Kids in Our AAPI Small Business Guide! Mochi Kids, a family-run business offers aesthetically pleasing, and modern unisex apparel. We especially love their Asian-inspired clothing, which is not only adorable but also a celebration of culture. Beyond cute clothes, Mochi Kids is committed to social responsibility, meticulously sourcing materials within the United States. Preserving a tradition of supporting small businesses, Mochi Kids collaborates with a local print shop, ensuring an ongoing dedication to empowering local enterprises.

Mochi Toys, an extension of Mochi Kids, offers a careful curation of toys and gifts from all over the world. Design-focused and kid-approved, these treasures bring joy from our playroom to yours. Join us in celebrating Mochi Kids and Mochi Toys as standout recommendations in our AAPI holiday gift guide—brands that deliver not only adorable, modern, unisex fashion and carefully curated toys but also foster positive impact and social change


Gloo Books

Embark on a Journey with Gloo Books: AAPI Small Business Highlight! Karen’s venture, born from her journey into motherhood, Gloo Books, passionately addresses the lack of diversity in children’s literature. Witnessing the absence of characters reflecting the world’s diversity in her son’s books, Karen set out to make a positive change, initially intending to write a single children’s book. However, she soon realized the systemic nature of the issue within the publishing industry.

This realization fueled the creation of Gloo Books, a mission-driven company dedicated to crafting a more representative and inclusive literary landscape. With a commitment to providing diverse narratives, Gloo Books seeks to empower young readers everywhere. Karen’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and compassion is deeply woven into the fabric of Gloo Books, actively challenging the status quo in children’s literature.

Gloo Books offers a carefully curated selection of impactful items, including the Very Asian Books and the Baby Go collection. The Very Asian Books, featuring Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Filipino cuisines, are beautifully illustrated guides designed to cultivate curiosity and empathy in kids. The Baby Go collection invites young explorers on a sensory journey through colors, shapes, and sounds across different Asian destinations. Through these delightful additions, Gloo Books invites readers to join them in building a community that values diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of storytelling for the youngest members of our global society.


Habbi Habbi

In the Spotlight: Habbi Habbi in Our AAPI Small Business Guide! Introducing Hanna and Anne-Louise, the dynamic moms-of-two behind Habbi Habbi, redefining bilingual learning. Hanna, an ABC (American-born Chinese) with a background in management consulting, and Anne-Louise, seasoned in consulting and retail strategy, share a deep passion for intentional parenting.

Their bilingual journey, shaped by personal experiences, inspired the creation of Habbi Habbi, rooted in the values of intentional parenting. Their mission is to ignite children’s enthusiasm for creativity, self-reliance, grit, worthiness, empathy, global community engagement, and self-care. The essence of their products reflects these values, providing a seamless learning experience through Wand-activated bilingual books, puzzles, and flashcards.

Designed to be approachable, their products offer instant feedback and multilingual magic, unlocking resources in Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Hindi. Each book surpasses the basics, delving into practical and meaningful content such as daily vocabulary, emotions, inclusion, and global citizenship.

Highlighted in our gift guide, Habbi Habbi earns acclaim not just for its commitment to intentional parenting values but also for its adorable, educational, and fun books. The continuous expansion of the series ensures a perpetually exciting learning journey for kids, making Habbi Habbi a standout choice for those seeking engaging, culturally diverse, and inclusive educational experiences for children.


Jasmine and Marigold

Explore unique gifts with Jasmine + Marigold in our AAPI Holiday Gift Guide! When faced with the challenge of balancing full-time work and parenting, the founder sought culturally relevant clothing for her mixed-race child, proud of both Pakistani/Muslim and Eastern European heritage. Unable to find celebratory onesies for Eid that represented both cultures, she took matters into her own hands, giving birth to the first ‘My First Eid’ onesie.

Thus began the journey of Jasmine + Marigold, a brand emerging from the founder’s personal quest to bridge gaps in the market. The name pays homage to South Asian cultural roots, specifically the significance of Jasmines and Marigolds in Pakistani weddings. What started as a personal endeavor evolved into a mission to provide modern, culturally relevant, and sustainably crafted clothing celebrating Muslim holidays and Eastern cultures.

Recognizing the needs for Muslim holiday-themed clothing, modern designs, and quality, sustainable Eastern kids’ apparel, Jasmine + Marigold was born. Launched in May 2016, just before the founder returned to full-time work, the brand has gained recognition, even featuring on platforms like Buzzfeed. Their commitment to addressing cultural and festive needs makes them a perfect addition to our gift guide, offering unique and thoughtful options for those celebrating diverse cultural backgrounds. Explore the beauty of their clothing and celebrate Pakistani heritage with the gift of Jasmine + Marigold!



Experience the allure of HAVA in our AAPI Holiday Gift Guide! We adore HAVA for seamlessly merging modern style with rich Indian heritage, creating a baby collection that’s not only irresistibly cozy but also incredibly versatile for little ones navigating a multicultural world.

At HAVA, we appreciate their belief that introducing diverse fashion into a child’s everyday wardrobe nurtures values such as curiosity, love, and appreciation for different cultures. Ethical sourcing is at the forefront, as they collaborate with factories and artisans committed to sustainable practices. Every stitch is thoughtfully designed, considering both the sensitivity of babies’ skin and the practicality of getting out the door in style.

Handpicked for our gift guide, HAVA distinguishes itself with its dedicated commitment to cultural celebration, inspiring young minds and opening hearts. Embrace their collection to infuse your child’s wardrobe and world with a delightful blend of warmth, style, and cultural richness.


Bitty Bao

Explore the vibrant world of Bitty Bao, crafted by the creative minds of Lulu & Lacey. Their ambitious endeavour led to the creation of bilingual Chinese children’s books. Despite unconventional timing, Lulu proposed this creative journey, with Lacey as the illustrator.

In the quiet moments after putting their little ones to bed, Lulu and Lacey passionately crafted the #BittyBao bilingual Chinese book series—a labour of love designed for the tiniest readers. This venture, born from crazy ideas turned into reality, allows a glimpse into their book-making process and the joy they infuse into every page.

Highlighted in our AAPI Holiday Gift Guide, Lulu and Lacey’s dedication to creating culturally rich, bilingual children’s books shines through. Join them on this captivating journey and introduce BittyBao into the lives of little ones for a delightful and educational experience. Discover the magic of their wooden Asian toys like the mooncake cutting set, wooden dim sum set, and Asian wooden toy doll family, adding an extra layer of joy and cultural richness to playtime.


Flipp Family

Explore the vibrant world of Flipp Family, a creative hub that brings the richness of Filipino culture to life through engaging and interactive experiences. Specializing in fun and modern activities, each experience is designed to be family-friendly, simple, and uniquely Filipino.

Beyond these immersive experiences, Flipp Family is also your go-to destination for delightful family shopping. Carefully curating each product collection to suit every special occasion, their original items, including books, fun boxes, and more, are sourced from beloved small businesses that share the same passion.

Led by Jenn Santos Estacio, the founder and CEO of Flipp Family, this dynamic entrepreneur brings over 15 years of experience in media strategy and digital marketing to the table, all while navigating the responsibilities of a full-time working mom to two children. In addition to literature, Jenn has expanded the Flipp Family brand by co-founding KUBO LB, a creative community space where you can discover their unique products and experiences.

Featured in our AAPI Holiday Gift Guide, Flipp Family stands out for its unwavering commitment to presenting Filipino culture in a contemporary and enjoyable manner. With a blend of engaging activities and thoughtfully curated products, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking distinctive and culturally rich gifts for their loved ones.


Avery and Me

Discover the delightful creations of Cathy and Maria, a dynamic sister duo with a shared passion for all things baby! Maria, the crafty and artistic younger sister, expertly balances her role as a Los Angeles-based labour and delivery nurse by day and a dedicated onesie designer by night. Simultaneously, Cathy, the older sister and a new mom to the adorable Avery, ventured into the world of custom baby apparel during her maternity leave.

Their designs embody a vibrant fusion of cute, colourful, and playful elements, adding an extra layer of adorableness to babies. What makes their creations truly special is the option for personalization, acknowledging the uniqueness of every baby and ensuring that what they wear is extra special.

Cathy and Maria simplify the gift-giving experience with an easy checkbox for personalized gifting. Highlighted in our gift guide, their commitment to crafting uniquely charming baby apparel positions them as an excellent choice for those seeking thoughtful and delightful gifts for little ones. Join in the celebration of the joy of babyhood with their personalized and heartwarming designs.


My Panchhi

Panchhi, founded by Vidhi, a mother herself, was born out of a mother’s concern for her child’s skin sensitivities. Faced with the challenge of finding truly chemical-free baby products, Vidhi was inspired to create a natural product line for babies with delicate skin, fueled by her love for the environment.

Returning to her roots in India, Vidhi explored therapeutic herbal printing derived from Ayurvedic herbs. Through collaboration with skilled artisans, Panchhi has crafted a beautiful and earthy collection of 100% chemical-free and sustainable baby essentials. It is one of the few brands globally committed to creating products in an eco-friendly, fair-trade, and zero-waste manner, from fabric sourcing to printing to stitching.

Panchhi’s offerings, made from 100% organic cotton muslin and therapeutic herbal dyes, provide synthetic dye-free alternatives for everyday baby essentials. The brand believes in nurturing babies and toddlers with the softness of nature, offering hypoallergenic products that are as comforting as a cuddle from mom and dad.

Chosen for our gift guide, Panchhi stands out for its dedication to protecting a baby’s gentle skin and the environment. By opting for herbal dyes and sustainable practices, Panchhi aligns with a commitment to eco-friendly living, making it an ideal choice for those seeking natural, gentle, and thoughtful baby products.


Spark Collection

Dive into the world of Spark Collection, where Irene, a creative force and mother in a Chinese-Korean American family, has crafted a unique approach to bilingual learning. When the closure of her son’s daycare during the pandemic highlighted the need for accessible resources in Chinese and Korean, Irene identified a gap for multicultural and non-fluent families like hers.

Inspired by her son’s rapid language absorption, Irene experimented with flashcards, ingeniously incorporating them as lift-the-flap features in a storybook. Witnessing her son not only enjoy the interactive format but also effectively learn words, Irene turned this success into a reality for others.

At Spark Collection, they firmly believe in the power of play as the optimal method for children’s learning. Rooted in scientific principles, they emphasize the benefits of introducing a second language during the crucial early years of human development. Bilingualism, as supported by studies, enhances critical thinking, creativity, and flexibility of the mind.

Spark Collection’s mission is to inspire families to learn language and culture in an enjoyable and meaningful way, aligning with the value of being global citizens. Irene’s personal journey and dedication make Spark Collection a standout choice for our gift guide, offering innovative and engaging bilingual storybooks—an ideal educational and enjoyable language-learning experience for families.



Summit Learning believes in the power of play to foster essential life skills like critical thinking and problem-solving in children. In our AAPI Holiday Gift Guide, we celebrate Summit Learning for its belief in the transformative potential of play to enhance a child’s development.

Summit Learning’s programs and workshops go beyond traditional learning, emphasizing practical applications of classroom concepts while highlighting the crucial roles family and culture play in child development. From books and play kits to learning resources and programs, Summit Learning inspires youth to explore and celebrate cultural diversity within their community, encouraging them to embrace their own family stories.

Behind Summit Learning is a dedicated team of professionals, including educators and Montessori teachers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality workshops. They actively collaborate with local communities, creating toys that not only support cultural accuracy but also contribute to local livelihoods. Additionally, strategic partnerships with authors and publishers worldwide bring a diverse array of cultural books to their offerings, representing a multitude of perspectives.

Summit Learning stands as an exemplary choice for our gift guide, providing engaging and enriching educational resources that not only celebrate different cultures but also promote a profound sense of inclusivity. Elevate the learning experience for the children in your life with Summit Learning’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


By Yobe Qiu

Explore the books of Yobe Qiu, an author whose journey began as a preschool teacher who instilled a love for diverse cultures in her students. In our gift guide, we are delighted to feature Yobe, recognizing her commitment to creating inclusive stories for all AAPI children.

Yobe’s literary venture started with “Our Lunar New Year” (2019), a groundbreaking book that addressed the need for inclusive narratives about Lunar New Year, representing the diversity within the AAPI community. Today, fueled by her passion for writing, Yobe continues to craft children’s books featuring Asian characters and cultures.

At the heart of Yobe’s work is a deep commitment to ensuring that children, like her daughter, feel seen, heard, and represented in the stories they read. Her dedication to diversifying children’s literature aligns seamlessly with our values, making Yobe a standout choice in our gift guide. We particularly adore her books, including “I Am An Amazing Asian Girl,” “I Am a Bold Asian Boy,” and the A-Z Food Adventures series, as cherished additions to young readers’ libraries.

Join us in supporting Yobe Qiu on her mission to enrich the literary landscape for children. With her trailblazing efforts, Yobe is making a significant impact on promoting diversity and representation in children’s literature, ensuring that every child sees themselves reflected in the stories they read.


Keiki Kaukau

Keiki Kaukau has earned its well-deserved spot in our gift guide through a blend of creativity, cultural celebration, and work for the community. April Hail, the visionary founder, has meticulously crafted a collection that goes beyond mere playthings. Keiki Kaukau’s toys, books, and games serve as vibrant ambassadors, joyously showcasing the rich tapestry of Hawaiian and Asian American Pacific Islander culture.

What sets Keiki Kaukau apart is not just the delightful play it brings to children but also its profound commitment to instilling cultural pride. Through strategic partnerships, exemplified by the impactful collaboration with the Hawai’i Food Bank, Keiki Kaukau actively contributes to community well-being. For every play food set sold, the brand generously donates five meals, making a meaningful impact and reflecting a deep sense of responsibility.

In our gift guide, Keiki Kaukau is more than a recommendation; it’s an acknowledgment of a brand that goes above and beyond, not only in crafting delightful products but in actively participating in charitable initiatives. Embrace the cultural richness, joy, and community spirit that Keiki Kaukau brings to the world, making it a standout choice for those seeking meaningful and culturally enriching gifts for the little ones.

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