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Small Business AAPI Series: Bebao

Greetings, everyone! The ninth installment of our monthly series, “Supporting AAPI Small Businesses!” in which we explore the dynamic world of AAPI small businesses, is now available for your review and consideration. It’s fantastic to have so many people here to celebrate the incredible success of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) entrepreneurs.

At Joeydolls, we’re absolutely delighted to use our well-loved platform to celebrate the journeys of AAPI small business owners and spread the word about the magic they bring to the table.

Today is a special day as we delve into the inspirational story of Bebao. Let me introduce the inspiring story of Lorraine Ike, a YouTube video creator whose mission is to learn Vietnamese for kids and toddlers through bilingual educational videos.

We firmly believe that developing small businesses is the cornerstone of a strong and resilient economy. By focusing on AAPI’s talented small business owners like Lorraine, our ultimate goal is to connect them to a broader audience and enable their businesses to thrive and thrive.

The world of Bebao is a realm that has no boundaries, so come with me on this amazing adventure as we explore it together! As we raise our glasses, let’s toast to the unwavering commitment, tireless dedication, and boundless creativity that AAPI small business maestros like Lorraine demonstrate each and every day.

Without any more delay, let’s kick off this exciting gathering and lose ourselves in the enchanting tale of Lorraine and her exceptional venture.

Tell Us About Yourself & What Does Your Business Do?

Of course! Hello everyone. I’m Lorraine Ike, a kids’ YouTube video creator with a passion for creating engaging and educational content. My business, ‘Learn Vietnamese for Kids,‘ revolves around crafting bilingual videos that make learning Vietnamese and English exciting. Through the magic of repetition, catchy songs, and interactive games, I aim to provide toddlers and babies with a unique way to absorb these languages while having a blast.

How Long Have You Been in Business, and How Did It All Begin?

Absolutely! Our venture kicked off in late January 2023, stemming from a personal struggle to find enriching content that could teach Vietnamese to young children. The existing options mostly leaned towards complete Vietnamese immersion, which exceeded the developmental level of my own infants and toddlers. On the other hand, the fun cartoon-style videos that did exist weren’t quite engaging enough and mainly served as entertainment rather than educational tools.

Faced with this gap in the market, I drew upon my background in early childhood development and education. With a determination to bridge the divide, I embarked on creating a show tailored to my little ones. This marked the beginning of our journey.

What Are Some Challenges You Have Faced in Running This Company, as well as an Asian-Owned Small Business?

Running this company while being a mother to two toddlers has presented its fair share of challenges, particularly when it comes to carving out dedicated time for content creation. The process of building a brand from the ground up and effectively reaching our intended audience has proven to be one of the most daunting aspects of our journey.


What Are Your Thoughts on the Changing the Landscape in the Industry?

It’s truly remarkable to witness the evolving dynamics within the industry. Numerous small businesses owned by Asians and various Asian-based platforms are stepping into the limelight.

The significance of representation cannot be overstated, and it warms my heart to know that my children are growing up in an era where they’ll see their culture and faces being embraced in mainstream media and merchandising. This positive shift holds immense value and is something I wholeheartedly celebrate.

What Are Your Favourite Things About Your Company?

One of the things I love most about my channel is that I can teach younger people the Vietnamese language and share the richness of Vietnamese culture. Through ‘Learn Vietnamese for Kids,’ I get to see the joy of children as they embark on their bilingual journey, and it’s incredibly fulfilling.

What Are Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Company?

I hold the aspiration that I can continue crafting my content for many years to come. So, future generations will have a chance to keep in touch with the language and culture of Vietnam. Additionally, I dream of inspiring upcoming generations to actively engage in their communities, creating initiatives that authentically represent them and fostering pride in their heritage.

How Can We Best Follow and Support You?

For those interested in staying connected and offering support, you can find me on,

Your engagement and encouragement mean a lot to me!

Anything Else You Wish to Share?

As a YouTube video creator, I believe the saying ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ resonates deeply with many small Asian businesses and creators.

Our inspiration often springs from personal needs we’ve experienced or desires we had as children. Our shared mission is to bridge those gaps and provide for future generations.

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