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AAPI Small Business Series EMI Creations

Hi there, and welcome to the fifth episode of “Supporting AAPI Small Businesses,” our monthly series. We’re happy at Joeydolls to use our platform to highlight AAPI small business owners’ amazing work and let people learn about their distinctive goods and services.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Chloe Yuen’s company, EMI Creations, which she created. People can enjoy unique amigurumi creations and handmade goods at EMI Creations. It serves as a source of creativity and promotes the production of original works.

We truly think that assisting small companies is essential to establishing a healthy economy that will stand the test of time. We aspire to assist AAPI small business owners like EMI Creations in expanding their markets by highlighting their outstanding work.

Join us on this journey, and let’s explore EMI Creations and celebrate the initiative, commitment, and imagination of AAPI small business owners.

Tell Us About Yourself & What Does Your Business Do?

I’m Chloe Yuen, and I’m a fibre artist with a passion for crochet, macrame, and punch needling. I love creating unique designs that inspire and delight others, which is why I started EMI Creations, a small arts and crafts store. At EMI Creations, we offer a variety of digital patterns and handmade products, such as amigurumi toys, DIY crochet kits, and stationery. Visitors to our shop can peruse our unique selection of amigurumi patterns and other handcrafted goods for both enjoyment and ideas for their own creations.

I see EMI Creations as more than a company. It’s a way to inspire people to use their imaginations and create something new. We at EMI Creations believe that everybody is capable of producing art of exceptional quality and originality. Anyone is invited to come in and try their hand at art in our welcoming shop. No matter how much or how little artistic experience you have, we can help you bring your vision to reality. Numerous resources and strategies are at our disposal.

How Long Have You Been in Business, and How Did It All Begin?

We’ve been in business since February 2021, so we’re still very new, but we’ve accomplished so much already as a AAPI small business owner. It’s hard to think it’s been almost two years since I abandoned my full-time job as an architect to chase my ambition of owning my own small business.

Starting EMI Creations was a long time coming, but I finally took the leap. With a passion for hands-on work, specifically crochet, macrame, and punch needling, I found a sense of peace and mindfulness that my career as an architect couldn’t offer. Sharing that feeling with others was my driving force.

What Challenges Have You Faced in Running This Company and an Asian-Owned Small Business?

As an Asian-owned small business, there have been challenges that I’ve had to face that others might not necessarily encounter. When I first started EMI Creations, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome was spreading the word about my business and myself. I quickly learned that building a successful business takes time, patience, and perseverance.

Another challenge I’ve faced is trying to balance the cultural traditions that inspire my art with the desires of a broader audience. As someone with a Chinese background, my art is heavily influenced by my cultural heritage. While many people embrace that aspect of my business, others might not be as familiar with these traditions. It’s been a balancing act to create art that stays true to my roots while also appealing to a wider audience.

What Are Your Thoughts on Changing the Landscape in the Industry?

I’m thrilled to see the changes happening in the crafting industry right now. The sector has been revitalized, and I believe the pandemic has played a huge influence. I started EMI Creations during the pandemic, and I’m grateful to say that I was able to grow my business during a very difficult time.

One of the most obvious improvements I’ve noticed is that individuals are rediscovering crafts such as crochet and macrame. I believe the increasing interest in traditional handicrafts is due to the epidemic and people’s need to be occupied and creative while spending more time at home.

I think this is a good trend as a whole, and I’m interested to see how it will continue to change the business world. I hope that as more people find out how much fun it is to make things by hand, there will be more desire for unique, high-quality items like the ones we sell at EMI Creations.

What Are Your Favourite Things About Your Company?

So many things about EMI Creations make me happy. Above all, I enjoy using my artistic skills to express myself freely and craft unique amigurumi creations and other handmade items. Seeing my thoughts come to life and being able to share them with other people is so rewarding.

I find joy in seeing others create things inspired by my ideas. It’s fascinating to witness the various interpretations and alterations people make, and sharing the crafting experience with others is fulfilling.

One of the best things about my business is when a customer tells me how happy they are to get one of my items. It’s great to know that something I made with my own hands can make someone else happy and bring them joy.

Last but not least, As a AAPI small business owner, I love that my items can make people happy. Knowing that my designs and works can make someone’s day better is one of the main reasons why I do what I do.

What Are Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Company?

As the founder of EMI Creations, my hopes and dreams for the company are quite simple. I hope to continue creating and designing unique amigurumi toys and expand my expertise in other fibre arts, such as macrame and punch needling. I also hope to continue learning and growing as an artist and share my passion and knowledge with others. Ultimately, my dream for EMI Creations is to continue flourishing and growing as a successful business while providing creativity and inspiration for others. I believe there is always room for growth and improvement, and I am excited to see the future of EMI Creations.

How Can We Best Follow and Support You?

As the owner of EMI Creations, the best way to follow and support me is to follow my business on Instagram, @e.m.i_creations and Facebook profile named EMI Creations. I post all of my latest designs and updates there. If you’re interested in purchasing anything, you can visit my website, emicreations.com, where all my products are available for sale. I want to express how much your support means to me. It’s invaluable, and I am grateful for your presence in my journey. Thank you.

Anything Else You Wish to Share?

As an entrepreneur who quit my full-time Architecture profession to pursue my passion for crafting and design, I can say that running a small business is definitely tough but also very rewarding. I’m sharing my experience in the Small Business Series because I want to encourage and inspire people to take the jump and pursue their own small business goals. It’s crucial to keep in mind that achieving success won’t be simple, but that with enough effort, commitment, and enthusiasm, everything is possible.

Please follow EMI Creations at:

Instagram: @e.m.i_creations
Facebook: EMI Creations
Website: www.emicreations.com












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