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AAPI Small Business Series: Joyful Hearts Co.

Introducing the creative force behind an inspiring eighteen AAPI small business blog, meet Jan Ng the entrepreneurial spirit, mom of two, and passionate writer who founded a unique shop dedicated to fostering mindfulness in both children and adults, introducing Joyful Hearts Co. This visionary entrepreneur embarked on this journey at the onset of the pandemic, driven by a personal mission to empower her oldest son who grappled with self-esteem issues. Through her shop, which began with a focus on affirmation tools like prints, cards, and books authored by her, she has created a haven for positive growth and encouragement. Despite facing challenges typical of a small business, particularly in terms of capital and time constraints, this Asian-owned venture has flourished with a steadfast commitment to inspire children and spread joy. As the entrepreneur navigates the dynamic landscape of social media, she shares her insights on the ever-changing algorithms and the quest for authenticity. For this AAPI small business, the most cherished moments come from the heartfelt feedback and interactions with customers, reinforcing the impact of their products. The overarching dream? To persist in spreading joy and positivity. To follow and support this uplifting venture, engaging on social media through shares, pictures, and collaboration is the key – a simple act that contributes to the broader mission of bringing joy to others.

Tell us about yourself & what your business does.

I’m a mom of 2, a creative entrepreneur, and a writer. My shop sells mindfulness tools for both children and adults. This includes prints, cards, and books I have authored.


How long have you been in business and how did it all begin?

Joyful Hearts Co. started right at the beginning of the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, my oldest son had struggled a bit with low self-esteem, often saying things like I can’t do it,

or I’m not good enough. We just couldn’t understand why but we thought it was just a part of learning and growing. At the beginning of Grade 1, he started segregating himself from other kids at recess, and after a lot of probing, he opened up. I will never forget those words. He told me: “Mama, I’m not like other kids, I don’t run like other kids. I don’t jump like other

kids.” My heart broke. As a mom, I felt I failed him. I wanted to address these issues while he was young. I know it will be a process, and change will not be overnight. However, perhaps I can at least encourage him and give him tools to embrace a more positive mindset. Sure, I can buy a set of affirmation cards out in the store, but I wanted it from me, his mama. I already knew what I wanted to say in each card, and I knew what illustrations would need to be on each one. I also knew the cards needed to be easy enough to facilitate conversations with my oldest and youngest son. The shop has since grown to offer different things, but the main soul of the shop remains to inspire and encourage and inspire children, and spread joy and positivity.


What are some challenges you have faced in running this company, as well as an Asian-owned small business?

The biggest challenge honestly is capital and time. As a small business, you do everything on your own, and the advertising budget is small. To get the word out there as a startup, I depend highly on people’s shares.

What are your thoughts on the changing landscape in the industry?

When I first started, due to a lack of budget, I decided I would choose one social media and focus on using it to market and spread the word. However, I find the always-changing algorithms and the way it work, exhausting. It’s truly a full-time job to manage social media alone. Also, authenticity when it comes to social media is sometimes questionable. I want to post constantly, (afraid if I don’t, it will fall off the algorithm), however I also want to post intentionally. I’m not sure if I’m answering this correctly, but to me, that ever-changing social media algorithm is very challenging for a small shop.

What are your favorite things about your company?

Hearing feedback from others. Every DM, every share, and every review means so much! It fills my heart when I know my products helped someone, or put a smile on someone’s face.

What are your hopes and dreams at your company?

Continue spreading joy!


Website: https://joyfulheartsco.com/

Instagram: joyfulhearts.co

Facebook: Joyful Hearts Co




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