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AAPI Small Business Series: My Heartfelt Toys

Hello and welcome to the third episode of our monthly series, “Supporting AAPI Small Businesses!” Here at Joeydolls, we’re thrilled to use our platform to showcase the incredible work of AAPI small business owners and help spread the word about their unique products and services.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to My Heartfelt Toys, a company founded by the talented Vicky. My Heartfelt Toys specializes in creating handmade Dim Sum Toys with an Asian theme, and we can’t wait to share more about their business with you!

We firmly believe that supporting small businesses is a crucial part of building a strong economy that can withstand the test of time. By spotlighting the incredible work of AAPI small business owners like My Heartfelt Toys, we hope to help them reach more people and grow their businesses.

So, join us on this journey as we learn more about My Heartfelt Toys and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and creativity of AAPI small business owners.

Let’s dive right in and learn more about Vicky and My Heartfelt Toys!

Tell Us About Yourself & What Does Your Business Do?

Hi there! I’m Vicky, and I’m the founder of My Heartfelt Toys. Growing up as an Asian, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of Asian-themed toys available. I didn’t want my kids to feel the same way, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

That’s how I came up with the idea of creating handmade Dim Sum Toys with an Asian theme. When I first shared them with my children, they were thrilled, and it brought me so much joy to see how happy they were. I knew then that I wanted to share these toys with other families.

The response has been overwhelming, and I’ve received countless comments from parents expressing their gratitude for finally having Asian-themed toys for their kids to play with. It’s been a truly fulfilling experience, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to bring a little bit of joy to families through my business.

How Long Have You Been in Business, and How Did It All Begin?

I’ve been running My Heartfelt Toys for almost three years now. It all started when I realized that there weren’t many Asian-themed toys for children, and I wanted to change that. So, I decided to create handmade Dim Sum Toys with an Asian theme and share them with other families. The response has been incredible, and I’m thrilled to have made a positive impact on so many families lives.

What Challenges Have You Faced in Running This Company and an Asian-Owned Small Business?

As an Asian-owned small business owner, I’ve faced various challenges in running my company. One of the biggest problems I had was that I didn’t know much about marketing. I didn’t know much about marketing strategies and techniques because I was fairly new to the field. As a result, I had to start learning everything from scratch, which was hard and time-consuming.

Learning about marketing is essential for any business to grow and succeed, and I had to put in a lot of effort to educate myself on the best practices. From social media advertising to email marketing, I had to research and experiment with different approaches to find what worked for my business.

What Are Your Thoughts on Changing the Landscape in the Industry?

As a small business owner, I believe that it’s important to change the landscape in the industry by providing more diverse and culturally focused options. While I’ve noticed that people are becoming more open to diversity, I feel that the movement is still advancing at a slow pace.

For example, many toy rooms only have a few toys that are culturally based, while the rest are generic toys due to the lack of options available in the market. This lack of focus in the industry doesn’t encourage kids to learn more about different cultures and can limit their exposure to diverse perspectives.

That’s why my goal with My Heartfelt Toys is to focus on providing more culturally specific options that offer a fun learning experience for people of all ages. By creating toys that are rooted in Asian culture, I hope to inspire children to explore and appreciate different cultures and traditions.

I believe that it’s essential for businesses to make a conscious effort to diversify their offerings and cater to a broader audience. By doing this, we can make a society that celebrates and respects all cultures and is more fair and open to everyone.

What Are Your Favourite Things About Your Company?

Spreading more diversity in playrooms. Parents are sharing their kids naming dim sum toys. The smile it brings to both parents and children when they see my toys looking realistic and can tell right away what dim sum they’re.

What Are Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Company?

As the founder of My Heartfelt Toys, my ultimate goal is to see my toys in every kid’s playroom. I want children to be excited about playing with my handmade dim sum toys and to be able to learn more about Asian culture through them. I hope to continue creating new designs that spark joy and curiosity in kids and adults alike.

Another dream of mine is for kids to be able to use my toys to help their parents order dim sum. I think it’s important to introduce kids to different foods and cultures from a young age, and my toys can play a small role in making that happen.

Overall, I just want to continue spreading joy and diversity through my work. Seeing the smiles on children’s faces and hearing feedback from parents about how my toys have made a positive impact on their family’s playtime makes all the hard work worth it. I’m excited to see where Heartfelt Toys goes in the future and how we can change the toy industry.

How Can We Best Follow and Support You?

If you’re interested in following and supporting my company, there are a few things you can do. First, you can visit my website at myheartfelttoys  to shop for my products. You can also follow me on TikTok at @myheartfelttoys and on Instagram at @myheartfelttoys.

By following my social media accounts, you can stay updated on my latest products, promotions, and news about my company. Sharing my posts and products with your friends and family is also a great way to help spread the word about my business. Additionally, leaving reviews of my products on my website or social media pages can help other potential customers make informed decisions about purchasing my toys.

Anything Else You Wish to Share?

I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Joeydolls for giving me this opportunity to share my story and promote my business. As a small business owner, every bit of exposure and support is incredibly valuable and appreciated.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has helped my business and shown interest in my toys so far. Your support means the world to me, and it keeps me motivated to keep making things and giving them to other people.

I hope that my toys can continue to bring joy and promote cultural diversity in playrooms across the globe. And once again, thank you to Joeydolls and everyone who has supported my business.


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