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Behind The Scenes: Upgrading Outfit Design & Fabrics

As mentioned in my previous ‘Behind The Scenes’ post which I spoke about why and how we upgraded the doll body fabrics, when I began the design process of our dolls I tried to do it in an inexpensive way as possible. This is because I was creating six dolls at the same time, the minimum order requirements were high, I didn’t have much of a following at the time, and I nearly all of my income during the pandemic. I had very little experience in design or fashion so everything was new to me. I had to learn all about different fabric types, fabric construction, production methods – everything! It was so overwhelming.

But I was really passionate in trying to create these dolls so I went ahead with what I knew at the time anyway. Our doll manufacturer that we chose at the time was able to nearly create the vision we wanted for the dolls however after many revisions, it still wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the materials and the constructions of the dolls and the outfits.

I then decided to contact several other manufacturers to help me finalize the doll design and polish them up. Something that I’ve realized over the last year speaking with my therapist is how I’m such a perfectionist (to a fault at times!) I think being a perfectionist can be really great in some things and is probably how I had gotten successful so quickly when I swerved into the world of wedding photography after being in the financial industry for over a decade. But I can really agonize over small details for a long time. This is great for creating the best designs, however not for getting things out in a hurry.

Luckily, our new manufacturing partner is as of a perfectionist as I am so we really connected over fixing some of the quality issues I had with the dolls at the time. They worked like crazy with me every day to go over so many fine details including upgrading the fabric materials. Most of the fabrics were kept the same, just was able to obtain higher quality.


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