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Behind The Scenes: Upgrading Authentic Outfit Details

Thank you for following our Behind The Scenes series with upgrading all the dolls and outfits before our big launch in May! Joeydolls is a brand that is dedicated to creating diverse Asian dolls that represent the culture, heritage and beauty of Asian Americans. Our range of dolls is designed to be more than just toys – they are multicultural children’s toys that are meant to be an extension of the cultural heritage and identity of Asian Americans.

Let’s take a deeper look behind the scenes at all the vibrant design details of our Joeydolls’ Asian Cultural Dolls. Our unique dolls are carefully crafted with cultural accuracy and exquisite detail to create a product that will bring joy to everyone!

So on top of upgrading all the fabrics and outfit designs, we also took a look at each of the details of the dolls including their accessories. We wanted all of the details to be authentic to its culture. It is not an easy process but I think the hard work is going to be worth it!

We really enjoyed this process of creating these dolls and you love these posts! You can see that we spent a great deal of love and care with each design and we sincerely hope that you and your children will love and treasure the dolls together.

Joeydolls is an Asian-owned company committed to providing multicultural children’s toys that will help them learn about their own culture and others around them. With the help of these beautifully upgraded outfit details and accessories, Joeydolls strives to make their cultural Asian dolls even more lifelike and true to tradition, allowing children to explore different cultures in a fun way.

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