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Embracing Imperfection: A Mother’s Journey to become Joeydolls Founder

On Mother’s Day, I’ve been reflecting on my journey raising two incredible daughters. It’s a challenge! When people say “the days are long and the years are short”, I always reply with “the days are short and the years are shorter!”

That’s because every day is a whirlwind for us. We don’t have family support so our days are filled with trying to be the best parents we can be while my husband and I are juggling multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Relaxing evenings and date nights often feel like a distant dream. Yet, amidst the chaos, I’m now re-learning how work & success is not everything – and that our time together is truly priceless.

It wasn’t until I had my 2nd daughter, that I realized that motherhood isn’t about perfection. It’s about embracing imperfections and learning from them. At one point when I was at my lowest, I seeked out therapy and it has helped me me redefine success and prioritize what truly matters. Myself and my family.

As my girls grow, I’m reminded of how quickly everything goes. I want my daughters to know that success isn’t about achievements, but about kindness and making a positive impact in this world.

Growing up in an Asian household, comparing myself to others was always a habitual activity. But I’m now learning that it’s the sneaky thief of joy in life and is self-destructive. As I’m cherishing each of my daughters’ uniqueness and their bonds as sisters, I’m reminded of how much we should all be proud of who we are just as we are. This is what I really hope to teach my children.

Through the highs and lows of parenting and running my own business, I’ve realized that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times. That you do need time to rest and recover, to take care of yourselves, that we can’t always be pushing ourselves to do more and more. But we’ll keep doing our best and showing our children that love, kindness and authenticity are what truly matter and to live a life not full of regret.

Being a mom has taught me I need to live in the now, and enjoy what we have, and not to live in the future and in the continually increasing goals that I set for myself. It has also taught me that our happiness cannot be defined by the expectations of what others set for ourselves. It is not about making others feel proud.

Motherhood for me is such a journey of learning and unlearning toxic behaviours and attitudes we were taught growing up. I realize now how much we can’t always be setting ourselves to be workaholics and overachievers, that we need to take the time to appreciate each other and the time we have together. While motherhood is a challenge, I do have an amazing husband who supports my dreams and goals and does so much for our family. I could not be the mother I am without him.

To all the moms out there, navigating the beautiful mess of motherhood, Happy Mother’s Day! You’re doing an incredible job, and want you to know that you’re not alone in this journey!

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