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Announcing Joeydolls’ Next Doll: Cambodia!

Hey Joeydolls community! 🌟

We’ve got some thrilling news to share with you! After an incredible response to our survey, we’re ecstatic to announce that the next Joeydolls release to add to our World’s Most Diverse Asian Doll collection will be a celebration of the vibrant culture of Cambodia – introducing the much-anticipated Cambodian doll! 🇰🇭✨ We’re truly grateful for everyone who took the time to be a part of this exciting decision-making process. Your voices matter, and we’re excited to bring your choice to life! 🙌💖

Help Us Design the next Cambodian Doll!

To make this release even more special, we invite you to contribute to the design of our Cambodian doll. Share your outfit ideas and suggestions with us at Cambodian Doll Feedback Form. Every submission counts, and we can’t wait to see your creativity shine! 🌈 Let’s come together to celebrate diversity and honor the beauty of Cambodian heritage. 🤗🌍

We understand that creating each unique doll is a meticulous process that takes time. Rest assured, our team is hard at work, pouring love and dedication into every detail. While we can’t provide an exact timeline, we promise to keep you in the loop with updates as we progress. Your patience and continued support mean the world to us! ✨🙏🌟

But that’s not all – the excitement doesn’t stop with Cambodia! After the Cambodian doll, get ready for a spectacular journey through various cultures with our upcoming releases: Vietnamese boy, Filipino boy, Hmong girl, and Chinese boy! 🎉💙

Stay tuned for a diverse array of characters joining the Joeydolls family, bringing a new level of cultural representation to our collection.

Join us on this incredible adventure, and let’s embrace the beauty of diversity together!

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