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Joeydolls Projected Launch Timeline

Joeydolls is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our brand new line of cultural Asian dolls! With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity, our team has worked hard to create dolls that capture the essence of Asian cultures and traditions. We are excited to share with you our projected timeline for the launch of these much-anticipated dolls.


April 2023: Sneak Peek and Safety Testing

We will release a sneak peek of the final version of our cultural Asian dolls in April 2023. We want to make sure that our dolls meet the highest safety standards. Therefore, we will conduct thorough safety testing to ensure that they are safe for children of all ages.

May 2023: Pre-Order

Once we have completed safety testing, we will make our dolls available for pre-order on our website. We will offer a range of dolls representing different Asian cultures and traditions, each with unique features and outfits.

June 2023: Full Production

After we have received pre-orders for our cultural Asian dolls, we will begin full production. It typically takes 60-90 days to complete the production process.

September 2023: Shipment to Warehouse

We anticipate that our dolls will be ready to be shipped to our warehouse in September 2023. This will be an exciting milestone for us as we get closer to the official launch of our cultural Asian dolls.

October 2023: Shipping to Customers

In October 2023, we will begin shipping the dolls out to our customers who have pre-ordered them. We will work hard to ensure that all orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

November 2023: Arrival of Dolls

Finally, in November 2023, the dolls will arrive in their new homes! We can’t wait for our customers to receive their cultural Asian dolls and see the joy that they will bring to children and adults alike.

In conclusion, the Joeydolls team is committed to delivering high-quality, authentic cultural Asian dolls that celebrate the rich diversity of Asian cultures and traditions. We hope that our projected timeline for the launch of these dolls has given you a better idea of what to expect in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of our cultural Asian dolls!

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