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Your Wait Is Almost Over: Joeydolls is now USA, Canada, Australia Bound!

The moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating is finally here! We are ecstatic to share some long-awaited news with you all. Our new dolls are on their way to the USA, Canada, and Australia, marking the triumphant completion of our production journey.

As we bask in this remarkable achievement, it’s important to reflect on the incredible journey that has brought us to this point. We want to share with you the heartwarming story of how we created 5000 special dolls that are now en route to their new homes.

The Journey Begins: From Idea to Successful Pre-Order Launch

Our journey into incepting this idea began in November 2020, during the pandemic. It took me over 2 years to design and finish the prototyping process of each of the six cultural Asian dolls. After a successful pre-order launch, we sold 2200 dolls in just 48 hours! It was a whirlwind, and we completely sold out of ‘Hoa’, our Vietnamese doll. Our Chinese ‘Mei’ and Filipina ‘Malaya’, almost sold out before we worked behind the scenes pushing our factory to produce more than we previously that was possible.

In early June, the dolls went into full production. We excitedly embarked on the beautiful adventure of crafting 5000 dolls! This endeavor was made possible because of the overwhelming support from all of you who preordered these special dolls. Without your enthusiasm and trust, none of this would have been possible.

From Workshop to Worldwide Delivery

Creating these dolls was no small feat. It’s a meticulous process that involves love, passion, and attention to detail. From choosing the finest fabrics for their clothing, we poured our hearts into every step of the production. Each doll is meticulously handmade. It’s not merely a matter of making dolls; it’s about crafting companions that will bring joy and magic into the lives of their new owners.

After the production was complete at the end of September, our dolls embarked on a journey of their own. They have now began their voyage to the USA, Canada, and Australia. This phase is particularly exciting, as it takes approximately 40-50 days (subject to customs and actual shipping times) for them to make their way to us before we can begin fulfilling your orders. We’re crossing our fingers for smooth sailing and hope there will be no delays.

The Countdown to Mid to Late November

The best part is that the wait is almost over! We’re so thrilled to announce that, by mid to late November, we’ll be ready to fulfill all your preorders. As our dolls touch down in Canada, USA, and Australia, our team will be standing by, ready to whisk them off to their loving homes.

The moment of unboxing your Joeydoll is approaching, and we can’t wait to see the magic and joy they bring to your lives. Stay tuned because we’ll continue to update you on the progress of the shipments.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Before we sign off, we want to express our profound gratitude to all of you who’ve been a part of our journey. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or joined us along the way, your support means the world to us. We continue to sell more dolls each day and we can’t wait for when these dolls finally arrive in their loving homes!

This journey, from the inception of the idea to the delivery of these beautiful dolls, is a testament to what we can achieve together. As the Founder of Joeydolls, I’m immensely proud and grateful for the community we’ve built, and I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead!

Warm regards,

Founder of Joeydolls

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