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Cups of Anxietea Podcast: Why Representation Matters

I recently had the pleasure of being the first guest speaker on the Cups of Anxietea podcast! I had such a great time speaking with Michelle and Autumn on Why Representation Matters, especially for the Asian diaspora and why I decided to create Asian diverse dolls at Joeydolls. We also ...

Thrive Spice Podcast: Raising Kids Proud To Be Asian

We recently had the pleasure to speak with the amazing host of Thrive Spice, Vanessa Tsang Shiliwala to speak more about our story and our mission behind Joeydolls. Samantha Ong on Self-Love, Starting a Business, and Raising Kids who are Proud to be Asian Samantha Ong is on a mission to Stop ...

Welcome to Joeydolls Co!

Now that you're here, you may be wondering who we are, what we do and why did we start Joeydolls Co. Let's first start off with who we are! Who We Are Joeydolls Co. was founded by Samantha Ong, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. As a new mother to a young ...

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