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AAPI Businesses to Support Now

The Asian American Pacific Islander community is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States. With a population of over 18 million, it is also the country’s fastest-growing racial or ethnic minority group.

Asian Americans are also starting to get recognized for their contributions to the economy and society. In fact, Asian Americans have been among the top 10 largest immigrant groups in America since 1965. And they’ve been among the top 10 largest contributors to the North American economy since 1990, according to a study by Nielsen and Wunderlich Securities Incorporated.

AAPI businesses are on a rise and it is important that we support them now so that they can continue to grow and prosper in America’s economy! Similarly, us at Joeydolls are working hard to bring our distinctive toy brand by providing a variety of Asian diverse dolls to children around the globe and bring more awareness to our community.

Kids Brands


Bubbsi brand is a highly effective brand for a newborn child can do to take care of skin problems. With the formal use of high-level organic, cold-pressed coconut oil to deliver a natural hydration brand. Sweta Doshi, the creator of Bubbsi came to the idea of this from her daughter.

Rae’s Root

Joanna Linton, To reduce tension and stress, Joanna Linton turned to ingestible Chinese herbs called adaptogens. The brand makes clean, organic products for moms, including teas for expectant and postpartum moms.


Mownika Chawla, Hava’s (Children’s clothing brands) founder, was inspired by her Indian heritage. They made the brand for the purpose of making it convenient for children.

Dagne Dover

Due to development, we need to develop eco-friendly things that do not harm the environment of earth. Three women: Melissa Mash, Deepa Gandhi, and Jessy Dover Dagne Dover. Made completely eco-friendly bags which can be used comfortably.


A Filipino lifestyle brand with infinitely wearable, seasonless keepsakes, takes you to a tropical state of mind.


It is a gender-neutral brand created for “baby minimalists” ages 6 mos – to 12 years old, launched by Founder/Creative Director, Irene Lee. Based on the inspiration she received from her own two children, urban street style and culture, Bash + Sass offers high-quality made styles that are “made to play.”


In response to her daughter’s severe diaper rash while on vacation with the family, co-founder Thai-Anh Hoang created a product for those with sensitive skin. Dermatologists and pediatricians have tested it to ensure it is free from chemicals and fragrances.

Paper Culture

Christopher Wu is the founder and CEO of Paper culture. Modern design and 100 percent recycled paper material. With every order, They plant a tree and, by doing so, they actively contribute to making the planet a better place.


After becoming moms, Hanna and Anne-Louise co-founded their own company. Habbi habbi brand of children’s books in English and Spanish with very interactive features.

Jasmine and Marigold

The company launched at the end of May 2016, just two weeks before Jasmine and Marigold turned to work full-time from their maternity leave, and they have evolved since then. Buzzfeed and a few other online media outlets have featured Habbi Habbi brand!

Lark Adventurewear

Lark Adventurewear was founded by Pallavi Golla in 2017 as a result of her own family’s passion for outdoor recreation. In addition to making the best clothing for children, she made life easier for busy parents by making clothes that would keep kids comfortable.

Loulou Lolipop

Lollipop is a Canadian company owned and operated by twin sisters Eleanor Lee and Angel Kho. As a result of their Lolipop name, They like to think of their silicone teethers and pacifier clips as chewable “candy”. With their products, have a great time and share many sweet and cherished adventures.

Metta Play

Through Metta Play, an Australian company that uses hand-illustrated cards to teach babies both native and new languages, Via Tendon combined her passion for yoga and language. Currently, you can purchase digital cards in English-French, English-Spanish, English-Mandarin, and English-Indonesian. We recommend the Bilingual Yoga Cards if you would like physical cards.


Mimi Chao, the owner, and illustrator of Mimochai is an independent studio based in Los Angeles. Over 100 stores across the country carry our picture books and we’re growing every day.

Mochie Kids

Amanda Stewart, a designer, and mom of three started screen-printing tees for her kids, and her friends and family asked for more. In particular, the Equality Tee (available in baby, kids, and adult sizes) raised more than $22,000 for Black Mamas Matter and The Loveland Foundation.

Giant Robot

The Los Angeles-based Giant Robot shop is filled with Asian pop culture. Art, toys, clothing, and more can be found there. Don’t be surprised if you can’t resist adding cute items to your shopping cart!

Indian Grow

India Grow aims to make your child’s playroom more diverse with books and toys. Educating children to learn about their own culture as well as other cultures can lead to more empathetic and imaginative behavior.


Tiffany created a chunks brand to implement very comfortable and good-looking hair clips. Only one woman from his basement started the operation of making a hair clip. Based in Seattle, New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Anak Toy Kompany

Terrence Santos founded this company in 2015 and wanted to teach his child the Filipino language through toys, however he did not find any suitable toy for his child. This inspired him to launch his company that sells toys that teach Tagalog, Ilocano, Bisaya, and Hawaiian. By purchasing these creative and educational toys, you can keep indulging your children in learning languages from your heritage.

Lifestyle Brands

Kinn Studio

Jennie Yoon, the founder of the Kinn brand, the brand is absolutely perfect in style, look, and classic jewelry items. The design of each piece is perfectly comfortable to wear the whole day.

GimMe Snacks

Inordinate amounts of time are spent by parents handing out snacks to their children. Gimme Snacks are the first line of USDA Certified Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified seaweed snacks, so if you’re looking for a healthy option, while also tasting delicious, make sure to check them out!

Sandy Liang

If you want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. Then, Sandy Liang must be a great choice. The owner of Sandy Liang got inspiration from the Chinese grandmothers. However, brush off the idea that you will not get trendy designs. Liang’s designs are unique, attractive, and alluring. You will never stop yourself from buying Sandy Liang’s clothes.

Good Light

In 2017, David Yi founded Good Light brand for those who are facing skin problems. The Good Light company strives to be the new all-in-one skin savior for compromised skin.

JW Pei

JW Pei is the finest brand founded by husband and wife Yang Pei and Steph Li that delivers impressive and trendy designs. The inspiration behind the brand was to provide accessible, effortless and empowering. They also provide minimalist designs that also uses sustainable vegan materials.

Kinn Studio

Jennie Yoon has founded this exciting brand that offers modern heirlooms that are made to last a lifetime. She designs captivating jewellery pieces to provide a look of glam of style and elegance.

Happy Masks

Nearly a decade ago, Taiwanese American Melinda Hwang’s father worked with a scientist to facilitate their customers in a better way. During the 2003 SARs epidemic, they had an idea to design a mask with a non-fiber membrane mask. Following, when Covid hit around the globe, Hwang’s family sent their well-designed masks from Taiwan to the U.S. Happy Masks’ face coverings now appeal to those interested in high-grade filtration.


Amyo is provides dainty fashion jewellery and was founded by Korean American jewellery designer, Gina Nam. They aim to provide minimalist handmade jewellery that are modern and timeless.

BonBon Whims

This jewellery brand is the first choice of many celebrities! Kylie Jenner, Megan Thee Stallion, and Michelle Zauner, are some of the few that have worn BonBon Whims. Founded by Clare Ngai, they are AAPI-owned and offer custom-made, new and vintage jewellery pieces.

Pink Moon

This brand is for all those out there who want beautiful fresh skin. The Pink Moon Rose Quartz GuaSha Facial Tool helps give you clean and natural skin. It stimulates the drainage of the skin and increases its elasticity.


This beauty product is best for the ones who are facing red spots on their skin. After diminishing the red spots, the skin looks fresh and clean.

Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito was founded by a group of Asian women, whose purpose is to build confidence and empower women through their clothing brand. They envision a world where women are confident and empowered to pursue their dreams through life’s milestones.


Opte is a business that helps you achieve more youthful-looking, radiant, even-toned skin. They are an experienced award-winning, dermatologist company that uses a magical device that can scan red spots, blemishes, age spots, dark spots, and sunspots.

Sonia Hou

Sonia Hou is a demi-fine jewelry brand that elevates everyday styling through refined, timeless chic designs. They are a AAPI and woman-owned business that prides themselves on producing Asian-inspired pieces with a modern twist.

Everyday Humans

Everyday humans are a skin brand founded by Charlotte Chen Pienaar. This brand has launched “Rose from above”, the sunscreen that helps women to protect their skin from harmful rays. Unlike the usual sunscreen, this works as a primer and barrier protector as well.

Silk + Sounder

Silk + Sounder provides self-care monthly planners and journal subscription service to make your planning, reflecting, and achieving easy and fun!

Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics, co-founded by Ju Rhyu, believes that everyone deserves to feel amazing in their skin! That’s why they’ve created make customisable acne toolkits to handle any pimple challenge. They pride themselves on effective solutions.


Founded by Erica Liu Williams, gr8nola has re-defined breakfast by providiing a healthy, low-sugar superfood granola. No GMOs, soy, dairy or refined sugar.

Although it may not be AAPI month anymore, it is so important to always stand firmly and support our community as well as fellow small businesses!

Joeydolls, the brand is working for the rights of the AAPI community. Its purpose is to remove racism, colorism, and hate for Asian people. Due to this reason, you all must support Joeydolls and AAPI community that struggles hard to survive in this world.

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