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Ambassador Program.

The program is designed to help spread our mission through brand awareness through meaningful lifestyle photos, reels, and videos. Brand ambassadors will be eligible to receive product gifts in exchange for their support and promotion.


Joeydolls Brand Values

Fostering respect and appreciation for cultural diversity while promoting self-love and inclusivity

  1. Respecting and Embracing Cultures and Diversity: Our mission is to promote celebrating and appreciating the rich and varied cultures across Asia. We hope to use education and play to promote cultural understanding.
  2. Self-Love: Our goal is to encourage self-love for each individual. We are committed to fostering self-acceptance and positive self-esteem to help individuals feel confident and proud of their own heritage and background.
  3. Inclusivity: Inclusivity goes hand-in-hand with diversity. Our dolls are intended to be inclusive by representing the various ethnicities and cultures within Asia to help each child feel seen and valued.


Ambassador Program Eligibility & Requirements

Our goal for lifestyle content includes expressions of joy, learning, and making a personal connection with our brand mission and products.

Ambassadors will be selected based on: the quality of photos, maintaining a public Instagram account, and a review of themes highlighted on the account.

All posts should include #joeydolls and @joeydolls in the caption. Ambassadors agree to allow their images and videos to be used across all of the Joeydolls’ social media channels.

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