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Featured on the Toy Insider: Plush Dolls Inspired by Asian Cultures

Joeydolls is honoured to have been highlighted on the Toy Insider, the industry’s go-to authority on all things playthings. Thank you for recognizing the importance of our work to increase diversity and inclusion in the toy industry.

For in-depth product reviews, industry news, and the latest trends in the toy industry, The Toy Insider is the premier resource for parents and toy enthusiasts. We appreciate them letting us share information about our dolls with their readers on their website.

Parents and families can rely on the Toy Insider website when it comes to keeping up with developments in the toy industry. The Toy Insider has a team of trusted toy experts with over 100 years of experience between them, so they can advise parents on the best toys, games, and technology for their children.

Toys for kids of all ages can be easily located and purchased through the website, which features hundreds of new product listings, reviews, and links to purchase from popular retailers. The Toy Insider also publishes print and digital gift guides for the holiday and summer seasons each year, making them accessible to families all over the United States.

The rise of anti-Asian bigotry in 2020 profoundly impacted us as an Asian-American-owned business. We wanted to do something to counteract those negative views and highlight the wonderful variety of Asian cultures. This is the origin story of Joeydolls.

Dolls from China, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, India, and Vietnam are just a few of the countries represented in our new line of Asian Cultural Dolls. Each doll has its own distinct skin colour and cultural touches woven into its wardrobe. We set out to design fun and educational dolls for kids of all socioeconomic levels. Our goal is to promote tolerance and appreciation among the next generation by introducing them to the richness and diversity of Asian traditions.

Bringing joy to children and their families all over the world is why we do what we do, and we can’t wait to show off our dolls to the world. Thanks to Toy Insider, we were able to get our message of acceptance and tolerance out to a wider audience.

In addition, in May 2023, we will be releasing our newest series of Adorable Playful Dolls that celebrate Asian diversity. This collection showcases dolls with personalities, fashions, and backstories based on various Asian cultures.

We think it’s important for kids to see themselves reflected in toys. Kids develop a healthy sense of identity and confidence when they see themselves reflected in their playthings. Additionally, it helps people develop the essential skills of empathy and cultural awareness in today’s multifaceted world.

We are pleased to be a part of the shift toward more welcoming playthings, and we encourage other manufacturers to do the same. Together, we can make the world more inclusive and welcoming for future generations.

Finally, we’d love to express our gratitude to the folks at Toy Insider for showcasing our dolls on their site. It’s humbling that they’ve taken notice of and are spreading the word about our work. Our dolls are designed to encourage kids of all cultures to appreciate one another’s unique histories and customs.


  • Evonne Chou


    I am Chinese American but recently adopted a baby girl who is Burmese American. By chance, do you have a doll that is Burmese?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Evonne! We don’t have Burmese yet but it has been requested for our future collection! If you join our VIP list, we’ll be sending out a poll to help decide which dolls to make in the future. Would for you to participate in the vote! Thanks so much for your interest!

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